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Jan. 2nd, 2012



Furrality - an anthropomorphic animal roleplay


Oct. 1st, 2011


Calling All 'Suiters - Woollybear Parade!

If you're looking for possibly one last hurrah for the year, grab your fursuit and come participate in Woollybear Parade in Vermilion, Ohio on October 9th! The parade route is approximately one mile long and we would love to have you there to participate in the Morphicon entry. Full-suits and partials are preferred but we won't turn away anyone with ears or a tail. The only thing we ask if you have fun at one of the last events of the year! Come meet fellow furs and make a few friends. Those interested can contact Vidaroke, to whom we're very grateful, at xdarkfangx[at]gmail.com. More information on the festival can be found at www.vermilionohio.com. Hope to see you there!


Calling All 'Suiters - Woollybear Parade!

If you're looking for possibly one last hurrah for the year, grab your fursuit and come participate in Woollybear Parade in Vermilion, Ohio on October 9th! The parade route is approximately one mile long and we would love to have you there to participate in the Morphicon entry. Full-suits and partials are preferred but we won't turn away anyone with ears or a tail. The only thing we ask if you have fun at one of the last events of the year! Come meet fellow furs and make a few friends. Those interested can contact Vidaroke, to whom we're very grateful, at xdarkfangx[at]gmail.com. More information on the festival can be found at www.vermilionohio.com. Hope to see you there!

Sep. 17th, 2011


Final Picnic Call for One and All

With a week to go until the Morphicon Annual FREE Picnic we are making one last push to get everyone signed up. We have a rat and a fox scheduled to do the shopping later in the week and we want to make sure you're included in our list. Please take a few minutes if you're planning to attend so we can ensure there are enough eats for you. You do not need to register with the Morphicon website to do so (though it would be nice), just visit Morphicon.org and click on the 'Annual FREE Picnic' link on the left. Enter your name and you're done! As of now we have just about half the number we did last year. Please, let us spend the money and feed you!

Sep. 12th, 2011


Days: Eleven Until Picnic Heaven

That's right! So few days until the Morphicon Annual FREE Picnic that you can count them on both hands (if you happen to be polydactyl)! There's nothing more we need you to do than mosey on over to Morphicon.org and lets us know you'll be there! Simply click on Annual FREE Picnic and signup (and perhaps register with the website as well?)! It's quick, it's free, and we just want to make sure we have enough to feed you! See you there!

Aug. 29th, 2011







This message is meant to be informative and not so much a big pile of spam. though spam is delicious when fried and diced up in say eggs or mac and cheese and did you know spam now comes in awesome flavours including bacon now. ... Ummm sorry got sidetracked. But yeah see i was all nice and put all the pictures and links in that link up there rather than spam you guys with my pretty mug and threatening pictures of kittens. spam is good though.

Aug. 28th, 2011


Morphicon Miscellanea - September 2011


-= Morphicon 2012 - Furry Tales & Fables =-
Once upon a time there was a furry convention in Columbus, Ohio named Morphicon. Now Morphicon was a small con, not like its more famous cousins, but it welcomed any and all who were looking for a bit of fun and relaxation in May. Now, it so happened that Morphicon decided it was time to pay homage to its roots. Looking back further than its birth in 2003, Morphicon chose to focus on the origin of all cons, namely that of folklore. Thus, for 2012, Morphicon is proud to announce its theme will be Furry Tales and Fables. Pulling from stories passed down through the ages, we will celebrate anthropomorphics from all cultures to make this con one like never seen before. Please join us May 3rd-6th next year to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event!

-= Furry Tales & Fables Guests of Honour =-
This year we have invited two Guests of Honour to Morphicon: Sigil and Heavy Horse. We are deeply honoured to have two wonderful artists, the formal visual, the latter written. Rather than do them the disservice of saying something unflattering, we've decided it best to let them speak for themselves.

Sigil is a relatively new artist, but has found her home very quickly in the Furry Fandom! Starting in 1998 she began the long road through anime fan-art and terrible X-man fan characters that eventually led her to furries. Egged on by her husband, in early 2008 she joined the popular website FurAffinity (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sigil/) and her world was never the same. Working now as a freelance furry artist and going to school full time, Sigil is happier than she's ever been. While usually working in digital medium, Sigil loves making art using pencils, markers, inks, watercolor, acrylic...you name it! She attends several cons a year, and does her best to teach a few panels at any she attends, focusing on artist/client relationships and how to start out or improve as an artist. Her latest project is a collaborative erotic portfolio called "Monster Haus", featuring monsters, strange creatures and people who are more than a little tied up. She is incredibly honored to be a Guest of Honor and is looking forward to participating in 2012's Morphicon!

Heavy Horse (aka Alan Loewen) is an established writer with 20 publishing credits to his name, his first story appearing in the Summer, 1998 edition of the now defunct PawPrints Fanzine. You can follow his adventures at his writing blog at http://literary-equine.livejournal.com/. In 2007, Heavy Horse co-wrote Mask of the Ferret with author, Ken Pick in the Eppie award-winning anthology Infinite Space, Infinite God. A hard SF piece with strong anthropomorphic themes, Mask of the Ferret received an Honorable Mention from the 2008 Washington Science Fiction Association. Heavy lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with his wife and three sons, a sheltie named Socrates, a homicidal sun conure lovingly named The Death Chicken, and far too many cats. Deeply honored to be a part of Morphicon 2012, he hopes to entertain with his stories old and new, and, as a retired stage magician, will gladly do a magic trick or two if politely asked.

We ask you to join us in next year in celebrating these two artists and thank them both deeply for taking time out of their busy schedule to spend some time with us.

-= Free Food for Furs! - Morphicon Picnic 2011 =-
In the tradition of years past, Morphicon will be hosting a free picnic for all those able to attend. We will again have it a Sharon Woods Metro park, located just north of I-270 off Cleveland Ave. The date for this years event will be September 24th, rain or shine! Food, drink, and entertainments will be provided but feel free to bring anything you want to share. Last year's even attracted 63 furs and we would love to do that again! Stay tuned for the announcement of the RSVP page so we can ensure we have enough eats for everyone but mark your calendars now!

-= Woollybear Parade =-
Once again, Morphicon will be participating in the Woollybear Parade in Vermillion, OH. We are trying to make this into an annual event and our friends at NEOfurs are helping to make this possible. The Woollybear Festival is an annual event featuring food, music, and entertainment! In addition, there is the parade where fursuits are encouraged If you're wanting to try out your new suit, show off your veteran moves, or just want to walk with other furs, mark your calendars for October 9th. For additional information or questions, please contact publicity@morphicon.org. Keep your eyes posted on the Morphicon Google Group for ride-share / caravan information

-= The Quick Brown...Dog? =-
Yes, jumped over the lazy fox. To say there has been quite a bit happening with the Morphicon staff would be an understatement. As it always does, life intrudes upon the fandom and prevents things from flowing as they should. That doesn't mean, however, your staff hasn't been making preparations for next year's con. We're still busy redesigning a website to put all previous ones to shame and implementing features you've told us you want. We do listen, you see. It's just, in this, we're adopting the stance of the tortoise instead of the hare: slow and steady. Rest assured, Morphicon 2012 will be something special!

-= September Fable - The Old Hound - by Aesop =-
A hound, known in his youth for strength and never yielding to another animal in the forest, in his advanced age encountered a boar. He seized it by the ear but, because of the decay of his teeth, was unable to maintain his hold on the creature. His master, seeing the boar flee into the woods, set upon the hound with foot and stick. Once the owner's anger seemed to have run its course, the hound said, "It was not my fault, master. My spirit was as strong as ever but I cannot help my infirmities. Rather than being punished for who I am, I should be praised for whom I once was."

Jul. 6th, 2011



NEO Furs Annual Picnic

Where: Kendall Park, Penisula Ohio (below is the map)

Its July 30st. 11am to 7pm (tear down til 8)

Pre-reg will still be 8 dollars and 10 at the door. RegPlus (like a sponsor) is 15 dollars. It will include a small goody bag and a special reg bracelet.
Paypal is saish.cala[at]gmail[dot]com please include your Furry name, Real name, address and phone number.

There will be fursuiting, food and fun at this picnic. We serve lunch and hot dinner

Garage Sale:Its like artist alley. The tables inside the shelter will be used for the garage sale from noon to 4. You can claim some space inside and do commissions or sell furry related items (No adult items). Please use discretion and do not sell items with value over 50 dollars.[size=x-small]The picnic is not responsible for what you sell, or the profit you make. Do use common sense in the garage sale, at any point the staff sees fit, we can shut down the garage sale. Please do not argue if that happens, it is for safety reasons.[/size]

Charity Auction: You may donate as many items as you wish to be auctioned off. The auction will be done Raffle Ticket style. You will get 5 raffle tickets with your picnic registration. We will hold the raffle shortly after dinner (items will not be on displayed before dinner). You can purchase tickets for $2 for 5 or $10 for 25. The raffle will go on until about 6:30.
Save a mom pregnant dog rescue is our charity http://www.saveamomrescue.com/

Prom Queen and King: For fun only, we will provide a poster Prom King and Prom Queen. On the poster, write your name on it if you would like to be in the running for Prom Queen or King. During the charity auction, we will have voting. Then at 6:30, when prom king and queen are decided, the will be the ones who get to draw the winners for the charity auction!

As a side note:
Anyone who would like to help please send me an email at skookumhime[at]gmail[dot]come. We will need equipment for music, a person willing to DJ (with lots of music), people to help set up and tear down, we will need Fans and Extension cords.

Also, this offer extends to non North East ohio furs and non furs alike :3 This is a very laid back atmosphere :D

There will be more neofur events being posted up here in the future

The small print: We do have the right to refuse admission to those who have been banned from the neofur forum, so please don't include or invite those you know have been banned. We serious do take the no drama policy serious, and will have local police numbers ready if need be. We hope it doesn't ever get to that point :c

May. 8th, 2011


Pre-Registraion is OPEN for the Western PA Furry Weekend! Sept 30 - Oct 2, 2011

Hey yinz out there!

I'm excited to announce that pre-registration is open to attend this year's Western PA Furry Weekend, scheduled for September 30 through October 2! Now in its 11th year the WPAFW provides a fun-filled and intimate social event revolving around an outdoor BBQ in the park. Come join us for a weekend of fun and friends!

Our Featured Artist for 2011 is local furry artist Kyote!

This year, we'll be raising donations in support of Clarion PAWS through our fantastic Charity Raffle. Clarion PAWS is a Pet Adoption and Welfare Society serving Clarion, Forest, Jefferson, and Venango counties in North-Western Pennsylvania. Currently they are embarking on a capture, spay-neuter, and release program to control the stray cat population in the major population centers of Clarion, Forest, Jefferson and Venango counties in PA.

Pre-Registration at the low price of $25 is available until Sept. 12 for Friday and Saturday activities. "Early Birds" registering before June 30th can grab a membership for only $20!

You may also register as a Sponsor for $50 which gets you a cool sponsor gift, extra raffle tickets, head-of-the-line privileges for delicious eats at the park, and of course our undying gratitude. You know you don't want to miss out on that!

For additional information as well as our special hotel room rates please visit our website at www.wpafw.org.

The Staff and I look forward to seeing you here!

Registration; WPAFW'11

Apr. 23rd, 2011


Morphicon Miscellanea - April 2011 Edition

April 2011 All-Encompassing Edition

It's the Final Countdown!
(Cue bad 80's music!)

Only a few weeks separate us from Morphicon 2011 - Furries in Wonderland! Flinters and Roxikat are both waiting to meet you and amaze with their artistic prowess! If you still have pre-registered, mosey on over to our Registration page and avoid the line the day of the con!

It is also worth noting, this is the last edition of Morphicon Miscellanea before the con. As such, this version contains most all the information you need to know about the important events and the con itself. Please read through that which you may have passed over in previous editions so you don't miss out on any of the greatness!

A room-share discussion is currently happening on the Morphicon LiveJournal page. Please take a look if you'll be needing a room for the weekend and need someone to bunk with. You may also consider joining the Morphicon Google Group as there is already talk of ride-shares on there. Both locations will become more active the closer we get to the con. Don't miss out!

Programming Schedule Has Been Posted!

The programming schedule has been posted on the Morphicon website (http://morphicon.org/schedule.php), and once again we have a ton of really awesome content lined up for the convention! Panels on writing, art, fursuiting, gaming, puppetry, discussions of what the fandom is really all about, and shared interest group (SIG) panels for your favorite critters, and the usual large performance events... We still have a few spots open on the schedule to squeeze in an extra SIG or panel, so if you have something you want to see that's not already planned contact us at: Programming[at]Morphicon.org.

Ursa Major Awards Return to Morphicon!

The tenth annual Ursa Major Awards for excellence in the furry arts will be presented on Friday, May 13 at 7:30 pm at Morphicon in Columbus, Ohio.

More than 1300 voters selected their favorites in ten categories of works featuring intelligent and/or talking animals first published during the calendar year 2010: Best Motion Picture, Best Dramatic Short Work or Series, Best Novel, Best Short Fiction, Best Other Literary Work, Best Graphic Story, Best Comic Strip, Best Magazine, Best Published Illustration, and Best Game.

Voting and interest was especially brisk as a number of nominees promoted the Awards and urged their fans to vote, resulting in an almost 20% increase in turnout over last year.

More formally known as the Annual Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Awards, the Ursa Major Awards are intended as Anthropomorphic (a.k.a. Furry) Fandom's equivalent of the Hugo Awards presented by the World Science Fiction Society, mystery fandom's Anthony Awards, horror fandom's Bram Stoker Awards, and so forth.

The Ursa Major Awards are administered by the Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association (ALAA), a membership organization dedicated to promoting anthropomorphic literature and arts. Discussions are ongoing to improve their effectiveness and expand their presence throughout furry fandom. All suggestions are invited via the Ursa Major Awards web site at .

Masquerade and Fursuit Parade!

Morphicon provides several great opportunities to show off your fursuit, whether it's partial or full, paw-made or purchased. On Friday night, there will be a competitive Masquerade that will be judged by experienced costumers. Awards will be given for both construction and performance in 4 categories: Juvenile, Novice (beginner), Journeyman (intermediate), and Master. There are also awards for the Best in Show and the Best Use of Con Theme. The awards themselves will be in keeping with the con theme and will be good souvenirs.

If you made your fursuit yourself, you can wear or bring it to Pre-Judging and be eligible for the construction awards. You can then show off your suit on stage during the Masquerade performance and be eligible for more awards. If you purchased or borrowed your suit, or just don't want to be judged for construction, please show off on stage anyway because you're still eligible for the performance and "Best" awards. All acts should be 2 minutes or less. If you don't have an act or your own music, we have thousands of songs for you to dance to on stage. Be forewarned -- you never know what the soundman will pick, so it's better to plan your own!

Then on Saturday afternoon, there will be a fursuit parade through the convention space. The line-up will start in the Morrison room and end on the patio with a group picture. Parts of the route will go outside; however, if it's raining, the route will be shortened to stay inside. (Wet suits are a bad thing!) There will be many opportunities along the route for picture-taking, including Factory Square, the main stage, and the Patio.

If you have any questions or would like to help in any way, such as being a Masquerade judge or fursuit wrangler, please email Masquerade[at]Morphicon.org.

Writers Wanted: Iron Author Competition

We managed to track down writing-track head Foxx (in a box) to ask him a few questions about the Iron Author competition. While not as difficult to corner as our illustrious con-chair (Foxx is in a box, after all), also being staff means a furry, er, flurry of activity is going on.

What is Iron Author?

IA is a competition to see who can write the best, worst story. It typically features a topic which relates to the theme of the con. It is also given a special bit which must be included in the writing and is only given out at the Iron Author introduction.

Who can compete in Iron Author?

Anyone can compete, there are no restrictions for the basic competition. Likewise, the story can be poetry or prose, we're not picky. In fact, we encourage writing of all types. There is also the possibility of having an adult Iron Author competition this year. If this happens, more info will be given during the IA introduction.

Is there a prize for the winner?

Ultimately, IA is a fun, and non-serious, competition, with the emphasis on fun. That said, we do try to have some sort of prize in place as a reward for those who punish us with their bad writing. Last year was a bronzed "corn dog" won by Anima. We're hoping to have something similar in place for this year's con.

Anything else you can think of?

Anyone interested in competing should attend the IA introduction. Likewise, anyone who has a question about the competition, or wishes to serve as a judge, should feel free to contact Foxx (in a box) at the beginning or end of the writing panels. It would also be wise to see what we're looking for by searching out the story "Eye of Argon"...at your own risk, of course.

It's Baaa-aaack!: The Frozen Oasis

As many of you know the Frozen Oasis is a traveling room party providing frozen cocktails, dance music, a dancing fox boy, a panda bartender, and a kick ass light show that rivals a lot of the dances at cons around the country. On Foxday night at Morphicon, Frozen Oasis will venture where no furry convention party has ever before - to Wonderland... a mysterious and magical place where the Frozen Oasis party is a convention sponsored event. So come sample our drinks, shake your tails on the dance floor and let our laser light shown make you shine and sparkle. Open all night. 21 + only.

Fursday Night Art Projects

Continuing the tradition of hands-on creative fun the night before the con really gets started, we will have not one but two Fursday night art projects this year! First will be painting the tea sets to be used in the Unbirthday Party on Friday night. The sets will then be put into the charity auction on Sunday, so along with the chance to have fun and be creative with your friends on Fursday night, you'll also help a good cause! The other Fursday night chance to be creative will be painting the cases we have for the video game room consoles this year. Snacks and beverages will be provided, so come by Fursday night and join in the fun!

Morphicon Call for Gophers!

I'm not exactly sure what type of calls a gopher makes, but I know what calls a gopher responds to: Shiny! Shiny!

I'd like to invite you (yes, you!) to notify us now of your desire to gopher in 2011!

Volunteering itself is awesome! Generally you get to have a sense of pride and good-feeling over having helped out your local convention, but even more importantly: For every 5 hours credit you earn, you get a $10 discount on your next year's convention registration, up to a full basic registration (15 hours = $30). Anyone with any discount level is AUTOMATICALLY guaranteed the early registration rate of $30 for basic registration. That means if you earn a total of 15 hours credit, you get a free ticket for next year! Isn't that awesome? You can use your discount when pre-registering online, and you can use it at the door! It's a total win!

But this message isn't just about gophering, it's about notifying us ahead of time that you want to gopher! Notifying us ahead of time lets us get a better idea of how many gophers we'll have, but more importantly: IT EARNS YOU A SHINY!

This year our shiny is something special: A limited, one-time only, theme-specific collectible item! This will ONLY be given to those gophers who notify us ahead of time that they want to gopher! After that, this specific shiny will no longer be available TO ANYONE!

That's right - you will receive a limited edition collectible shiny! And unlike last year's shiny that never materialized, this shiny exists within our plane of existence, and is 100% physical. You can even hold it in your hand! How do I know? We've already got it prepared!

So, if you would love to be our very favorite gopher, please let us know ASAP! Please send a message to gophers[at]morphicon.org at any time until May 10th! The earlier you send, the more we love you, because that gives us more of an idea of how many gophers we'll have.

Also this year, we're trying something new: Signups! When you show up at the con, we'll have a decent-sized graph of all the different places we require constant gophers! This could be something typical, such as door-guarding for the Dealer's Den, or being a Fursuit handler during fursuit events (such as the parade, or with the Spectacle of Doom!(tm)) OR it could be something unexpected, such as door guarding the bar-mitzvah we were unaware was going on up until some furries decided to go where they shouldn't have!

Signups allow you to decide ahead of time what times you'll have free to get in some volunteering hours, so you aren't being asked to door-guard during the event you want to attend, and allow us to have more time to manage getting gophers around and getting things taken care of that we can't really pre-plan! It's a win-win!

So remember: Shiny! Volunteer now! Signups! And SHINY!

-- Gedrean, official Gopher Wrangler/Herder/etc ["Gopher-Queen" - Ed.] for Morphicon 2011!

Morphicon Insider: Raffle Tickets & Charity Auction

In an unprecedented two-for-two, Morphicon con-chair, Jewel, was cornered once again and asked to answer a few questions, this time about those tickets you receive in your bag when you arrive at the con and the charity auction.

What are they for anyway?

You can use them one of two ways. The first way is by going to the charity raffle and putting them into the drawing. Items will be given out at random to people based on tickets drawn from a hat.The second way is you can attend Trickster's Furry Fair Quiz. The tickets are used there to see who will be contestants. Though, even if you don't get picked, the audience can still participate.

How does one go about getting more tickets?

You can upgrade your registration level (higher levels get more tickets) and you can buy them at registration for $1 apiece. They'll also be on sale right before the charity raffle, and the Furry Fair Quiz.

Is the charity raffle like any other raffle and does the ticket holder need to be there?

Yes, the charity raffle is just like any other raffle. You do need to be present to win items. We make an exception for dealers, and artists stuck in their respective spots during the raffle. All they need to do is write down their name on the back of each ticket. We'll send someone around to collect them before the raffle begins.

What is the charity auction and how is it different from the raffle?

The silent charity auction is setup in the back of registration/con ops, in the Potter Wright room. You don't need any tickets to bid on those items. You just write down your bids, and use your badge number. It's a good idea to check back during the convention, because oftentimes attendees bring items with them to add to the raffle when they arrive.

How does one go about donating items for the auction and/or raffle?

If you're interested in donating something, please feel free to contact operations[at]morphicon.org.

Anything else someone should know about the auction and/or raffle?

All the proceeds go directly to our charity, F.U.R.S.. In addition to the raffle, the silent auction, and the Furry Fair Quiz we have another charity event called the Pet Auction where people bid on dances with fursuiters.

And there you have it, answers to questions which may have been niggling in the back of your mind. If you have a question you'd like to have answered in an upcoming edition of Morphicon Miscellanea feel free to send it to publicity[at]morphicon.org.

And Now a Word from SonicBlu

Greetings, everyone. SonicBlu here, and I'll be the Performance Track head of Morphicon this year. For the "performer" in you, we have many different shows that may interest you. Feel free to peruse the descriptions of each show and keep them in mind when you attend Morphicon this year. We'd love to see you there!

Spectacle of Doom

Hear ye, hear ye! The highlight show of the convention needs YOUR help! If you've ever wanted to experience performances on our stage, you may want to come to the aid of your convention by accepting a role in our Spectacle of Doom show. This show is scripted, so you won't have to worry about trying to think up something on your own. In the Spectacle of Doom, we'll need stage performers (mostly fursuiters), puppeteers, and voice actors. We'll have an open casting call before rehearsals, so come on down and see if you got what it takes to become a performer in the absolute must-see show of the entire convention.

Furry Variety Show/Morphicon Tonight

Have you got a skit you've been working on and would like some stage time to perform it? You can do so during the Furry Variety Show/Morphicon Tonight! Just come to Furry Variety Show (FVS) rehearsals and bring your material with you. If you don't have any material but you would still like to perform on the stage, just talk to SonicBlu during FVS rehearsals, and we'll fit you in. With thousands upon thousands of background songs at our disposal, we can easily give you your 2 to 5 minutes of fame right on our stage. Don't be shy, just come to FVS rehearsals and RSVP to be in the show. The FVS will be combined with our late-nite talk show Morphicon Tonight, so performance times will fluctuate, depending on how many acts are queued, reserving at least 30 minutes for interviews with the guests of honor.

The show always starts off with our traditional "Silly Fursuiter Tricks", so at one point or another, SonicBlu Darkfold may be wandering around the con floor looking to pick out a fursuiter at random to open the show. If you are interested, just do something silly for SonicBlu, and he may just select you to appear as the show's opener. If you're not interested, don't worry. Nobody will be forced into doing anything they don't want to do. Simply tell SonicBlu whether you are interested or not when he springs the question: "How would -YOU- like to open Morphicon Tonight with your silly fursuiting tricks?"

Atomic Comedy Hour of Doom

Attention all wannabe comics, laugh factory professionals, and those that have never performed live standup comedy (but always had that dream.) You may want to RSVP to appear on our stage for the Atomic Comedy Hour of Doom, which will be going on the stage right after the Spectacle of Doom. Depending on how many people we have signing up, the routine time per participant may fluctuate to conciliate with the one-hour time bracket.

Oh! Pawpets! Live!

This year on the Oh! Pawpets! Live show, we'll be reenacting the Oh! Pawpets! Show's first musical: Bwing's Twansfowmation, where Bwing T. Fewwet will be getting a whole new makeover. It's out with the old boring blonde fur, and in with the new look, with a whole soundtrack to boost while we perform the "makeover" live on our stage.

Morphicon 2012 Theme Decided!

Since you've made it this far through the newsletter, we'll treat you with a bit of extra information. After much deliberation and, one would believe, a few sleepless nights (which may or may-not be due to the con), the Morphcion Board has decided upon the theme for 2012 - [CENSORED] and promises to be one of the most fantastic cons ever! Come help us celebrate [CENSORED] and [CENSORED] and fun for [CENSORED]! Stay tuned for post-con newsletters where we'll delve more into Morphicon 2012 - [CENSORED]!

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