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akirashima in neofurs


WPAFW2013 is just around the corner! Come join us at our new venue, the North Park Lodge! This rustic lodge accommodates more furs than ever for our full two day event! Set in the middle of North Park, we've got a ton of room to play, host events, and socialize!

When is it? October 11-13! We're kicking off earlier than ever on Friday and staying late through Saturday, and have informal activies on Sunday if you haven't gotten your fill! Check out our website for information regarding our hotel reservation block at the Wexford Econolodge (I-79 and Route 910), our programming guide, and the delicious food (four meals!) that's included in your membership. The hotel block closes on Sept. 26th.

This year's Charity Raffle proceeds will benefit Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue! This local rescue and no-kill shelter is located in the heart of Mt. Oliver and They take in unwanted ferrets, get them medical care as needed, work on behavior issues, and strive to find good, permanent homes. If the ferret is deemed unadoptable (usually due to serious health problems), they will keep that ferret for the rest of its natural life. As a true no-kill shelter, they only euthanize in the case of medical necessity. They rely on the support of volunteers and sponsors to support their cause. The shelter has been “official” since November 2002, but Barb Carlson has personally been doing rescue work with ferrets (on a much smaller basis) for at least 5 or 6 years before that.

Last year's Charity Auction featured almost 100 prizes, vouchers for services and commissions from many local and esteemed artists within the furry fandom. Other items included collectable knives, plush critters, candy, cards and games and much, much more!

Our featured artist for this year is our very own Akira Shima!

Pre-registration is open until October 1st! A regular, attending membership is only $25 if you pre-reg and food for both event days is included! To add a little extra kick to your membership, try out our Sponsor level. Bam! For only $50, you'll get all of the attending level perks plus a special gift and access to our beer bar! This is brand new for WPAFW 2013, and we hope you'll enjoy the ice-cold kegs! If you'd really like to help us out, take advantage of our new, Super Sponsor membership! It's $100 and Pre-Reg only, but we'll give you an extra special, unique gift and our undying gratitude. You get super-line-cutsies, too! Visit our Registration Page and sign up. Memberships at the door are also available!

We're excited to see you here and have some exciting events lined up - come check it out! The Charity Raffle, The Zoo, included and delicious food, Open Mic events, a LIVE performance by Look Left on the outdoor stage! There's a car show, fantastic dances and music from the paws of DJ Frisby, DJ Goggles and DJ Gir! Take a look at the online schedule for more information and teasers!

We're excited to see you at WPAFW 2013 - Come together, furry family reunion style!


I be therrrrre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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